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Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.
- Harbhajan Singh Yogi - DONT USE - he was a sexual abuser

Get Packing!

Planning can be fun and traveling is definitely exciting, but packing? What a drag! I've made it easy for you with packing lists and shopping suggestions.

Pack Like a Pro

Even with all the traveling I do, I spend way too much time worrying that I have everything I need. It's a bit ridiculous, because you can usually buy pretty much anything you forget at your destination (plus, that supports the local economy!). There are exceptions, of course.


Make your life easy: Use my general travel packing list (PDF) to save time and worry. I'll be adding more lists in the future to specifically address different climates, regions and activities. What lists would you like to see? Let me know!

Shop Like a Pro

Here's another time saver: Use my product recommendations and save yourself the hassle of trudging through thousands of product pages. I only recommend products of high quality that market and ship from the U.S.; no junk. 


  • As an affiliate, I may make a small commission on some of my recommended items. 

  • Amazon is easy but I encourage you to shop locally or buy directly from brands whenever you can. Why? Authenticity is guaranteed, they don't have to pay kickbacks (especially important for small businesses), they often give discounts for signing up, they may have more ethical business practices, and no, you really don't need that thing overnight. 


  • Adidas

  • eBags

  • Bose

  • Lululemon

  • TravelSmith

  • Magellan's

  • REI

  • NordVPN

  • North Face

  • Oakley

  • Osprey

  • Patagonia

  • Pet Travel Store

  • Rimowa

  • Samsonite

  • Splice - reversible clothing

  • Tumi

  • Victorinox

  • Amazon 

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