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There is something about the momentum of travel that makes you want to just keep moving, to never stop. 
- Bill Bryson

Travel Resources


Here are some useful websites for your next adventure. 

Country and Culture Guides

  • Commisceō Global has excellent guides for over 80 countries that cover customs, etiquette, and more.

Currency Converter

  • Xe — Download the app to your phone.


  • Google Translate — Type what you want to say and it'll translate it into one of 132 languages. 

  • Google Lens — Need help with a menu? Take a picture of it, open it in Google Photos, and click the Lens and Translate buttons! Make sure you download Google Photos on your phone before you leave.



  • Google Maps — I do a lot of walking and love Google Maps to lead me. If you won't have data access, take screenshots before you leave your hotel. Download from your app store. (For safety reasons, I do not recommend using paper maps or pulling out your guidebook. With a phone, no one knows that you're not just checking text messages.)  

  • Rome2Rio shows you how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and car. It comes in very handy, especially if you're doing unguided sightseeing.

  • Waze — I use Waze at home and for driving, prefer it over Google Maps. I used it in Ireland and it was great! Download the app to your phone.

Travel Documents and Safety 

  • U.S. Passports — Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. Apply directly, preferably a minimum of three months in advance of departure.

  • Travel Advisories — Check for travel advisories, warnings, and alerts for destinations around the world.

  • International Travel — Information on crisis and disasters, emergencies, life changes abroad (e.g., birth and marriage), and different types of travelers (e.g., dual nationality, faith-based, LGBTQI+, etc.)

  • TSA PreCheck — Speed through security at U.S. airports.

  • Global Entry — Speed through customs and immigration at U.S. airports.

Travel Health 

  • The CDC — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - has a lot of information for travelers, from advice and disease directories to medical tourism and COVID-19 information. 

  • CDC Travel Health Notices — Search by country name or disease to see Level 1-4 precautions.

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